The Beginning

woman getting water from bay man playing in bay with JimmyZ shorts on

JIMMY’Z was created in 1984 by a visionary who found the need to create a garment that combined form with function. A true artist, Jimmy ‘Z’ Ganzer came up with a revolutionary idea that changed the way surfers and skaters wore clothing: an adjustable short that opened from a side closure attached by Velcro. Today the concept remains the same – functional, wearable, comfortable clothing that defines a lifestyle born in Southern California

Who's Jimmy?

Jimmy Ganzer Jimmy ‘Z’ Ganzer was an integral member of the Malibu surf scene during the sixties; among other things, he assisted in the art direction of the legendary Surf Guide magazine, was a member of the Jacobs and Hansen Surf Teams, and painted innumerable surf boards in his Pacific Ocean Park Pier studio. He also was active in the art scene, and was awarded a National Endowment for the Arts as well as the Linus Pauling Peace Prize. This combination of surf culture and artistic pursuits is what was at the heart of JIMMY’Z when Jimmy started selling shorts out of the back of his Buick “Woody” station wagon to surfers on the beaches of Malibu – and it’s what still drives us today.

The E-Z in / E-Z Out Design

EZ in EZ out shorts

The E-Z-In, E-Z-Out design – based initially around the simple idea of using side-mounted Velcro straps instead of a simple button fly to hold up a pair of shorts – tends to garner rhapsodic praise from anyone who’s ever owned a pair of our E-Z-In shorts. And for good reason – the design allows for up to three inches of leeway from the stated size and comes with a substantial amount of pocket size as a bonus.

So how did the design come about? Well, in Jimmy Ganzer's own words:

I was playing baseball. I slid into third base headfirst, got up, dusted myself off. And I went, “F***, why didn’t some surfer ever come up with an idea where the pants don’t fall off like this?” Inside of the waistband on these baseball pants was a woven nylon belting. That belting did not move. And I went “Wow, what if I used that belting and Velcro on the side over here?” And I stood there on third base for about that long. And I went, “That’s a good idea.”

And so, JIMMY'Z was born.


JIMMY’Z was re-introduced to the market in late 2011 by Blake Harrington, a visionary who re-launched the brand by collaborating with Jimmy ‘Z’ Ganzer – the original founder and owner of JIMMY’Z. Together they retraced Ganzer’s steps through downtown Los Angeles, recreating and reinventing the first item JIMMY’Z ever made – the E-Z-IN-E-Z-OUT Velcro short. Combined with the classic woody logo tee and other original JIMMY’Z graphics, the brand was graciously accepted by fashionistas, skaters, and surfers alike. Today the vision remains the same – to reinvent a lifestyle from one of the coolest surf, skate, intrinsic, and artistic brands to ever come out of California.