Photo by Andy Turner


Hometown: London, England.

Date of Birth: 4th July, 1987

Favourite place to skate: I love to travel for skateboarding, so for me the best place to skate is always gonna be somewhere new on the other side of the world.

Favourite setup: I ride all disciplines so I’ve got lots of favourite setups. For slalom it’s either my Pavel Twin Terror Hybrid or Giant deck, Cult Wheels Daredevils and G.O.G Trucks. That thing turns and grips like crazy. Downhill I’m riding a Lush Steezstoker deck, Sabre Forged Trucks and Cult Wheels Raptures. My Freeride board is an Earthwing Crewzer, Indy 169s, and Cult Wheels Chronicles. For Freestyle I’ve got an Almost Mullen Mutt, Indy 109s, and Seismic Focus Wheels. Bowl and Street I’ve got a Pavel Tom Tieste, Indys, and Spitfires.

Why slalom?: Slalom is just a ton of fun. It’s a laugh! It can be super competitive, or it can just be chill with your mates. Every skater should do it, I guarantee every kind of skater will enjoy it! I believe that if you love skateboarding you should have a go at every discipline!

Why JIMMY’Z?: Just check the history! The team is diverse and everyone’s amazing at what they do. The clothes are top notch! They look and fit great, and they’re very comfortable to skate in.

Something else: Don’t be afraid to try other kinds of skateboarding! Forget the narrow view the mags or other skaters have of skateboarding and just enjoy it all. The best thing about slalom is so many riders come from other disciplines of skating, its probably the most inclusive and mixed bunch of skaters you’ll meet.