Giorgio Zattoni


Hometown: Savarna, Italy.

Date of Birth: 20th March 1987.

Nickname: Hmmm… I don’t know… I liked those days when P-Stone used to call me Big Z, it was fun!

Years Pro: Turned pro in 1992 for Powell Peralta

Favourite Park or Bowl: For sure Combi at Vans, but also many other spots in Cali… there are just so many good ones. Big Air Shop Pool, Elbo skatepark, and sure, I like my ramp too!

Speciality: Switch McTwist.

Why JIMMY’Z? Since I was a kid and I started skateboarding, I grew up with the pros I saw on videos like Public Domain & Streets on Fire. That era of skateboarding made my roots. I was a big fan of Thrashin’ (the movie); I wanted so badly to see and live the Californian skate dream. JIMMY’Z is an icon of that era, and to be a part of this family fulfills my dreams. I just feel realized as a skateboarder; no matter what is going to happen, my dream came true.

Something else: Yes; I love to see girls getting into skateboarding and some of them are rippin’, that’s just incredible. I was shocked watching Lizzie, Nora and Amelia skating; their skating makes me so happy!