Eddie Elguera


Hometown: Palm Desert, California.

Date of Birth: 12th November 1962.

Nickname: “El Gato”

Favourite Bowl: The Yard in Palm Springs, and Combi.

Pro Since: 1978

World Ranking: 4th in Bowl Riding (Masters).

Signature Tricks: Elguerial, Frontside Rock and Roll, Frontside Invert, Fakie Ollie, Rock Fakie, Boardslide Fakie, Fastplant Fakie.

Why JIMMY’Z? I’ve always loved JIMMY’Z, and what they stood for. I’m stoked to be riding for them!

Something else: I would like to thank my wife Dawna who has always been my biggest supporter in whatever I’ve done, and of course my Lord Jesus, for loving me when I didn’t love myself.