Stevie Schmidt


Hometown: Eisenach/Berlin

Date of Birth: 1990

Favourite skatepark: Nike SB Schelter/Jürgen Horrwarth´s VERTRAMP, Berlin’s STREETS and Malmö!!!

Favourite trick: FS-BS Hurricanes, Ollie and Kickflip… everytime feels good

Why JIMMY’Z? When I saw the JIMMY’Z logo for the first time at “Vert Attack” I was wondering… “What is this?” I had never seen this before but I felt like this has a old tradition! I asked my boss “Kongo” (Berlin’s Vert legend) and he told me the history of JIMMY’Z and I was proud to know something new about a old skate brand 🙂 After this I was really hyped on JIMMY’Z, the team riders and the clothing. And I´m so proud and stoked to be a little part of it !!!

Something else: Hang loose, love Skateboarding and keep it real; JIMMY’Z rules!