Product Highlight: Bonez T-Shirt

It seems that tie-dye is everywhere this year; every festival we’ve attended this summer has been full of it, and the skateparks aren’t far behind.

Well, we know that classic tie-dye options like our Venice Original tees aren’t for everyone, so we made this more low-key, pseudo-skeletal tie-dye t-shirt as part of our Spring/Summer 2015 range for those who prefer something a bit more subtle.

As you’d imagine, it’s been incredibly popular both with customers and our team riders. Grab one now before Joe Hinson steals everything we’ve got left!


BoneZ T-Shirt

Colours: Black

Product Highlight: Road Trip Tee

Sometimes we get an idea that seems so bizarre that we just have to go ahead and do it, and putting the print inside the t-shirt – leaving a faint, subtle and barely visible impression on the outside – was one that we had to try.

While this isn’t the only top we make that uses this inside-out printing technique (it also appears on the Z-Tribe raglan), the combination of the inside-out printing, the great loaded Woody design, and the bright yellow cotton shirt makes this a firm favourite during the summer months.

Road Trip
Road Trip

Road Trip T-Shirt

Colours: White, Yellow