Video of the Week: the Zattoni truck from Theeve

Theeve trucks has just released a signature truck for JIMMY’Z team rider (and bonafide god amongst men) Giorgio Zattoni. The promotional video they made to reveal the truck is every bit as beautiful as the truck itself – give it a watch!

Video of the Week: Giorgio Zattoni’s 900

With all of the noise being made over the summer about Tas Pappas and Tony Hawk’s battle for the 900 during the 1990s, we thought we’d revisit our very own Giorgio Zattoni’s personal struggles with the trick with this old video, uploaded in 2006, which talks about what led to him being the second person to make the 9.

And yes, we’re aware that the subtitles are barely legible – this video unfortunately predates the notion of “HD”. If you want to just see the documented attempts at the 9, skip to 5:31.

Spoiler alert: the landing on this is BEAUTIFUL, and probably still the best (non-Mega ramp) 900 ever done.

Video of the Week: Big Air Lab’s Secret Session

Big Air, a skate and snow shop from Italy, has one of the most awesome shop bowls we’ve ever seen – and this session from last February featuring JIMMY’Z team rider Giorgio Zattoni looks INTENSE.

Half the office staff at JIMMY’Z HQ are currently trying to find reasons to go and visit, and after watching this, you probably will be too!

Video of the Week: Giorgio’s Bru-Ray Demolition Session

Giorgio Zattoni cropped up in Thrasher’s latest Bru-Ray edit with a large array of absolute bangers, taking lines around bowls that most wouldn’t even be able to attempt. And those bonelesses, too! And the dip on that smith grind!

Okay, you should probably just watch it. Then rewind to the start of Giorgio’s section, and watch it again.