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JIMMY’Z Wooden Keyrings/Pendants


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    We know that no one gets excited about keyrings. They’re tiny pieces of tat that sit under the counter at the skateshop, and you might grab one on a whim.

    Well, this is different.

    We weren’t just going to go to some random factory in China and get them to pump some plastic into a mould. Instead we went to a skateboarder from the UK, gave him some ideas, and he sat down with a laser cutter and burnt some designs into plywood.

    What we ended up with were these beautiful little things. They smell great, feel great, and won’t give you cancer or sit in a landfill for hundreds of years after you die.

    Choose whether you want the squared off or diecut versions, and whether you want it on a keyring or fully adjustable, 65cm diameter cord to hang as a pendant – you can have them in any combination, despite what the images show.

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