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E-Z-In Tattoo Patterned Surf Shorts


  • Product Information

    Our E-Z-In Surf Shorts are very popular, but for those who want them with a bit more personality and style, we have this range of surf shorts with a patterned side panel.

    This particular design features a range of classic sailor tattoos so that when you’re out amongst the waves you’ll fit right in. We’re not going to make any bad pirate references about this, though. We’re not that kind of salty cur.

    Ah, damn.

    Note: We are down to our last few pairs of each size and they’re disappearing fast, so if you want some of these, you better grab a pair quickly!

    • 100% Cotton Ripstop
    • Big Side Pocket with Logo Grommets
    • 18″ Outseam
    • ‘SURF LEASH’ Front Velcro Closure
  • About the E-Z-In Design

    The E-Z-In design is timeless. It replaces the waistband with a built-in webbing belt, and swaps the traditional button and zip fastening for a side-mounted velcro strip to ensure a perfect fit every time.

    Not only is it comfortable (and removes the need for a belt buckle that digs into your stomach whenever you bend over), but the design allows for up to three inches of leeway from the stated size and comes with a substantial amount of pocket size as a bonus.

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