There are a few questions that we get on a regular basis. Before you pester our poor skate rat/intern for answers, check that we’ve not already listed it in the section below.

Why can't I select USA or Canada as my shipping address?

The short answer: because we can’t sell things to anyone in the USA or Canada.

The long answer: due to the strange way that licensing laws work and the fact that Jimmy’z was sold off in the early 90s, we’re currently unable to sell in the USA or Canada. We’re hoping to fix this soon. We would tell you where to send your complaints, but our lawyers have told us that providing that address would be a bad move.

The solution: find a friend outside North America who’s willing to receive your package for you and send it on. BUT WE DIDN’T TELL YOU THAT, SSSH.

What are your shipping costs?

Every order gets the same flat rate shipping cost; all UK orders are charged £2.95, European orders cost €9.95 and the rest of the world have to pay $14.95 regardless of how big the order is. In effect, the more you buy, the better the rate.

Is it pronounced as Jimmy's or Jimmy-zee?

Even Jimmy Ganzer himself won’t come down either side on the fence on that one, so you’ll have to keep guessing.

Are you going to make/where can I buy some of those velcro shorts?

Yes, we’re making a wide range of the E-Z-In, E-Z-Out shorts, and you can buy them here! Tell all your friends.

Will you re-release the (shorts/shirt/hat) I had in the 80s?

You know how people say you should never say never?

Well, we won’t necessarily say yes, either. But keep checking the shop and maybe your favourite design will be part of next season’s collection. Who knows?

Can I get some stickers?

If you order something from our store you’ll get some for free. If you just want stickers… we don’t give them out for free through the mail, sorry. You can buy a pack of ten, though. We recommend you add one or two packs onto an order to make the shipping worthwhile. Remember, the shipping costs are flat rate!

Will you sponsor me?

Possibly. If you’re at an event at the same time as our team manager and he likes your style, you might end up as the next member of the Jimmy’z Tribe.

Just don’t send us videos, okay?

What's the meaning of life?


Or skating.

Or 42.

Depends on who you ask, I guess.


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