Video of the Week: Big Air Lab’s Secret Session

Big Air, a skate and snow shop from Italy, has one of the most awesome shop bowls we’ve ever seen – and this session from last February featuring JIMMY’Z team rider Giorgio Zattoni looks INTENSE.

Half the office staff at JIMMY’Z HQ are currently trying to find reasons to go and visit, and after watching this, you probably will be too!

Video of the Week: Pontus Björn at Hang Up 2015

Pontus Björn, one of our Swedish JIMMY’Z team members, took 4th place overall at 2015’s Hang Up competition in Horten, Norway. With Smith grinds, spin outs and firecrackers, this clip has got everything you could ever want from a competition video!

Video of the Week: Giorgio’s Bru-Ray Demolition Session

Giorgio Zattoni cropped up in Thrasher’s latest Bru-Ray edit with a large array of absolute bangers, taking lines around bowls that most wouldn’t even be able to attempt. And those bonelesses, too! And the dip on that smith grind!

Okay, you should probably just watch it. Then rewind to the start of Giorgio’s section, and watch it again.

Video of the Week: Tony Gale Freestyles in a Peugeot Commercial

JIMMY’Z professional freestyler Tony Gale has been getting about a bit this summer. Between demos, competitions and epic road trips, he found some time to get involved in a video shoot for the new Peugeot 308 with a group of performers from other sports.

When you’re finished with the one-take version above, you should check out the “making of” version for some cutaways and close-ups of the ridiculous tricks and stunts involved in the video!

Video of the Week: Steve Caballero Rocks the Miniramp

If you’re knocking around Vegas later this month, keep your eye out for the second annual Skate Punk Reunion; featuring bands like JFA and McRad and a raging mini-ramp session, the event on the 25th of July promises to be intense – especially if this video of JIMMY’Z legend Steve Caballero at last year’s event, shot by infamous Vegas-based freestyler Daniel Trujillo, is anything to go by!