Product Highlight: 1984 Tank Top

Like all good Brits and 80’s inspired skaters, Tony Gale loves tank tops. And, like all good team riders, he loves photo incentive. As such, this is one of his favourite tops to wear during skate events and competitions.

That said, this is a great tank top even if you don’t get paid to wear it; tough but lightweight and made from cotton in the USA, we restocked these at the start of the summer and are already running out of some size and colour combinations, so it’s obviously not just us and the team who feel this way.

(Personally, we recommend the emerald green. It looks amazing in real life; the internet does not do it justice.)

Product Highlight: Bonez T-Shirt

It seems that tie-dye is everywhere this year; every festival we’ve attended this summer has been full of it, and the skateparks aren’t far behind.

Well, we know that classic tie-dye options like our Venice Original tees aren’t for everyone, so we made this more low-key, pseudo-skeletal tie-dye t-shirt as part of our Spring/Summer 2015 range for those who prefer something a bit more subtle.

As you’d imagine, it’s been incredibly popular both with customers and our team riders. Grab one now before Joe Hinson steals everything we’ve got left!

Product Highlight: Road Trip Tee

Sometimes we get an idea that seems so bizarre that we just have to go ahead and do it, and putting the print inside the t-shirt – leaving a faint, subtle and barely visible impression on the outside – was one that we had to try.

While this isn’t the only top we make that uses this inside-out printing technique (it also appears on the Z-Tribe raglan), the combination of the inside-out printing, the great loaded Woody design, and the bright yellow cotton shirt makes this a firm favourite during the summer months.

Product Highlight: E-Z-In Shorts

The E-Z-In shorts are the reason this website exists today. The whole history of both the design and JIMMY’Z itself is written elsewhere for those who don’t know the story, and while we widened our range and developed an aesthetic of our own in the years that followed, the classic E-Z-In shorts remain, understandably, our best seller.

If you haven’t tried a pair of these shorts yet, you’re missing out. They’re a bizarre concept at first – the velcro side closure throws everyone off – but nothing else is as comfy and as versatile. Aside from the obvious use by skaters and surfers, we get emails from BMXers, warehouse workers, plumbers, lumberjacks, carpenters and joggers who all appreciate having a perfect fit without having a belt buckle digging into your gut.

Honestly, if you don’t love them, we’ll be amazed. And for those who prefer something a bit more wild, why not have a look through our full range of shorts and see if there’s something more to your liking?

  • Product Highlight: Peaceful Tank Top
  • Product Highlight: Peaceful Tank Top
  • Product Highlight: Peaceful Tank Top

Product Highlight: Peaceful Tank Top

The irony-laden Peaceful Tank came about in our Spring/Summer 2015 line and proved itself a huge hit. We’re not entirely sure whether the pool green colourway or the floral Woody is the biggest part of that success, but we do know there are very few of these left in the warehouse.

With only X-Small, Small and X-Large still available in white and a small selection of all sizes (X-Small through X-Large) left in pool green, this may be your last chance to rock this tank in 2015.

An Independence Day Sale

4th of July is coming, and we know what we’ll be doing on Independence Day – skating, of course! And while we’ve got our outfits chosen for the post-skate party and BBQ, we know that you’ve got to be looking your best, so we’ve chosen two of our most patriotic shirts and put them alongside our whole range of shorts for a special 20% discount to help you celebrate in style.

Even better, if you buy any two pairs of shorts and an American’Z tee or raglan and use the coupon code “FYUSA1776” at checkout, you get the tee or raglan FREE. That’s how much we love ol’ Glory – we want everyone to be able to wear her with pride.

So what are you waiting for? Browse through our sale selection below, but be quick – sale ends on the 3rd of July!