A Quick Reminder: Bergfest Kicks Off On Saturday!

Bergfest 2015

We warned you about it a month ago, but in case you missed the memo, Bergfest is taking place in Münster this weekend. We’re proud to be sponsoring the event and even prouder to have some of our new German and Austrian team there, tearing around the bowl and threatening the podium.

It promises to be one hell of an event, so if you’re in central Europe and have nothing to do this weekend, get on a train and go have a good time!

JIMMY’Z at the UK Freestyle Round-Up

UK Roundup

Are you in London, UK on Saturday? Fancy watching some freestyle skateboarding? Swing by the Redbridge Cycling Centre at Hog Hill, near Hainault on the Central Line, to see the UK Roundup, the first British Freestyle Championships since 2011. Our freestyle rider Tony Gale will be in attendance, taking on some of the UK and Europe’s finest freestylers.

We’ll also have a booth at the event for competitors and spectators alike to grab some of our finest wares at special event prices – up to 50% off in some cases.

And if freestyle’s not your thing, there’ll also be downhill races, longboarding slide competitions and slalom races all weekend long, making it two full days of oldschool action, with lots of events to see.

Summer Swine Stomp

For full details, head to the Late Tricks page for info on the freestyle event, or the site for the Summer Swine Stomp for the longboarding and slalom events.

Are You Heading to Bergfest?


In just over a month, Bergfest will be kicking off in Münster, Germany. With an epic bowl competition, live music and an afterparty that’s scheduled to run until 7am, it promises to be well worth the journey. Check out the full details on their site at bergfidel.com.

We’re very proud to not only be sponsoring the event, but a member of our new German/Austrian team, Johannes Haist, will be in attendance. If you’ve seen Johannes skate, you know what to expect. If you haven’t, check out this video and enjoy the big airs, creative lines and fun tricks… then book your ticket to Münster. The event kicks off on the 1st of August; we’ll see you there!

Joe Hinson and Tony Gale head to NASS


Every summer, a sleepy rural county in England plays host to NASS festival, a three-day mixture of skateboarding, BMX, and music acts. Amongst the attractions and attendees at this year’s event are Tony Hawk, Less than Jake, Public Enemy… and two members of the JIMMY’Z Pro Team.

Joe Hinson, our British street skater, and Tony Gale, our token freestyler, will both be heading out to Somerset between the 10th and 12th of July to represent JIMMY’Z in their respective arenas. Joe will be found terrorizing the street course in the pro competition – expect to see some 360 flip boardslides and perfect smiths on every handrail in the course – and Tony will be in the designated Freestyler Holding Zone near the main stage where he’ll be performing with the Late Tricks demo team throughout the weekend.

For more details on the event, check out Nassfestival.com – and be sure to say hi to Joe and Tony if you see them while you’re there!

Push the Prom 2015 in Brighton, UK

Push the Prom!

If you’re in the south-east of the UK for this year’s Go Skateboarding Day (which is June 21st for those who didn’t get the memo), consider heading to Brighton for the second Push the Prom event. Run by our friends over at Girl Skate UK, the event starts at the Level skatepark at 10am with an all-gender mini ramp jam and lessons for girls of all ages, before setting off for an across-town skate to head to the Hove Lagoon skatepark. A couple of members of our UK team are likely to be there, so be sure to say hi!

For more info, head over to the event page on Girl Skate UK’s website.