Michal Musil joins the Z-Team!

Website updates may be infrequent right now but the team keeps rolling on. Our latest addition is one of the best bowl and vert rippers in the Czech Republic, Michal Musil! Go check out his profile, and if you ever find yourself in Prague and near a bowl, say hi to the guy doing bonelesses in the deep end, as it’s probably Michal!


The JIMMY’Z Yard Sale

Time to clear a bit of space in the JIMMY’Z garage!

We’ve been quietly tinkering away all winter restocking on the core products and now it’s time to dust off the cobwebs and get rid of some leftover stock on some designs we’re no longer making. So if you’re in love with any of the following products, now’s the time to grab them – barring a lucky find in a vintage shop in twenty years’ time, you won’t get another chance to buy any of these!

Video of the Week: the Zattoni truck from Theeve

Theeve trucks has just released a signature truck for JIMMY’Z team rider (and bonafide god amongst men) Giorgio Zattoni. The promotional video they made to reveal the truck is every bit as beautiful as the truck itself – give it a watch!

Video of the Week: Giorgio Zattoni’s 900

With all of the noise being made over the summer about Tas Pappas and Tony Hawk’s battle for the 900 during the 1990s, we thought we’d revisit our very own Giorgio Zattoni’s personal struggles with the trick with this old video, uploaded in 2006, which talks about what led to him being the second person to make the 9.

And yes, we’re aware that the subtitles are barely legible – this video unfortunately predates the notion of “HD”. If you want to just see the documented attempts at the 9, skip to 5:31.

Spoiler alert: the landing on this is BEAUTIFUL, and probably still the best (non-Mega ramp) 900 ever done.

Video of the Week: Pontus and Jocke’s Vert Session in Stockholm

JIMMY’Z team members Pontus Björn and Jocke Olsson joined Andree Böhlin, Tor Ståhl, Erik Berglöf for a ripping vert session in Stockholm.

(The skating is as rad as you’d expect, but this is worth watching for the psychedelic Olsson moment alone. You’ll know it when you see it.)