Video of the Week: Steve Caballero in Powell’s “Eight”

Going back to a classic from skateboarding’s dark ages this week with a look at JIMMY’Z legend Steve Caballero’s part in “Eight”, the 1991 video from Powell Corporation. Yes, Powell Corporation – this is from when Stacy had left, and Powell/Peralta was no more.

It was a weird time to be a skateboarder.

Video of the Week: Big Air Lab’s Secret Session

Big Air, a skate and snow shop from Italy, has one of the most awesome shop bowls we’ve ever seen – and this session from last February featuring JIMMY’Z team rider Giorgio Zattoni looks INTENSE.

Half the office staff at JIMMY’Z HQ are currently trying to find reasons to go and visit, and after watching this, you probably will be too!

Welcome back to the Z-Team, Sean Goff!

Welcome back to the Z-Team, Sean!

We’re pleased to be able to announce that, after a gap of around 25 years, UK vert legend Sean Goff is back on the Z-Team! As one of the biggest names in British vert skating history, Goff was pro for Brand-X in the late 80s and later became one of the original pros on the Deathbox team – the company that would go on to become Flip Skateboards. During that era he was part of the OG JIMMY’Z team, and could often be seen wearing the original E-Z-In shorts or the legendary “chef’s hats” that used the same velcro webbing band.

Nowadays, Sean can regularly be found all over the UK, skating in vert competitions and acting as MC at events. It was during his recent stint at NASS MC’ing for the Birdhouse demo that Tony Hawk presented him with an award for his contributions to skateboarding.

Sean Goff - Legend of UK Skateboarding(Click the image above to see the video of the Birdhouse demo – including the presentation of Goff’s award.)

When you’re done flicking through the slideshow below, you can check out Sean’s profile here!

Video of the Week: Pontus Björn at Hang Up 2015

Pontus Björn, one of our Swedish JIMMY’Z team members, took 4th place overall at 2015’s Hang Up competition in Horten, Norway. With Smith grinds, spin outs and firecrackers, this clip has got everything you could ever want from a competition video!

Product Highlight: 1984 Tank Top

Like all good Brits and 80’s inspired skaters, Tony Gale loves tank tops. And, like all good team riders, he loves photo incentive. As such, this is one of his favourite tops to wear during skate events and competitions.

That said, this is a great tank top even if you don’t get paid to wear it; tough but lightweight and made from cotton in the USA, we restocked these at the start of the summer and are already running out of some size and colour combinations, so it’s obviously not just us and the team who feel this way.

(Personally, we recommend the emerald green. It looks amazing in real life; the internet does not do it justice.)


1984 Tank Top

Colours: Green, Vintage Black, White

We’re at Boardmasters!



If you’re in Cornwall for this year’s Boardmasters festival, keep an eye out for us: we’re running a JIMMY’Z stand at the event and have a whole bunch of shorts, tank tops and t-shirts available at special event prices.

Swing by, say hi, and replace your inevitably* rain-and-mud-soaked clothes!

*yes, we know that the weather report looks pretty good right now. We also know that this is Britain, and Britain has a tendency to dump torrential rain on every festival on its shores during the summer. Sorry about the reality check… maybe you should come to California?