Welcome to the Z-Team, Louis Selby!

Welcome to the Z-Team, Louis Selby

Here at JIMMY’Z we’re big fans of all forms of skating. We don’t care if you’re on a pig board from the 80’s and slashing around in a pool, throwing a popsicle down some stairs, hitting a hill at 50+ MPH on a longboard or dancing around on a tiny freestyle board – if you’re stoked, we’re stoked. That’s why we’re proud to announce that the latest addition to the Z-Team is London, England’s Louis Selby!

Louis is mainly a slalom rider and can be usually be found weaving in and out of cones at high speeds and dominating podiums all over Europe, but like all great skaters, he’s down to skate pretty much anything, and always does it with a massive smile.

When you’re done flicking through the gallery below, be sure to check out his profile and give him a follow on Instagram: @Louis_Selby

Parisian Nosewheelie - Photo by Mmedo
Parisian Nosewheelie - Photo by Mmedo
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