Product Highlight: Bonez T-Shirt

It seems that tie-dye is everywhere this year; every festival we’ve attended this summer has been full of it, and the skateparks aren’t far behind.

Well, we know that classic tie-dye options like our Venice Original tees aren’t for everyone, so we made this more low-key, pseudo-skeletal tie-dye t-shirt as part of our Spring/Summer 2015 range for those who prefer something a bit more subtle.

As you’d imagine, it’s been incredibly popular both with customers and our team riders. Grab one now before Joe Hinson steals everything we’ve got left!


BoneZ T-Shirt

Colours: Black

A Quick Reminder: Bergfest Kicks Off On Saturday!

Bergfest 2015

We warned you about it a month ago, but in case you missed the memo, Bergfest is taking place in Münster this weekend. We’re proud to be sponsoring the event and even prouder to have some of our new German and Austrian team there, tearing around the bowl and threatening the podium.

It promises to be one hell of an event, so if you’re in central Europe and have nothing to do this weekend, get on a train and go have a good time!

A Productive Weekend for the Z-Team

Steve Caballero wins the Masters Division at 2015's Tim Brauch Memorial event
Daniel Cuervo takes 3rd in the Pro Division at 2015's Tim Brauch Memorial event
Alex Griffiths wins Group B at the Blackpool stop of the UK Vert Series!

Last weekend was a busy one for the Z-Team on both sides of the Atlantic. Two JIMMY’Z riders were out at the Tim Brauch memorial contest in San Jose, California; Steve Caballero took gold in the Masters Division of the Bowl event, and Daniel Cuervo grabbed a solid 3rd place finish in the Pro division of the same.

Meanwhile, on the other side of the Atlantic, JIMMY’Z young gun Alex Griffiths was out representing the Am Team and taking home the gold in the B Group of the Blackpool stop of the UK Independent Vert Series.

Next stop: Bergfest!

Welcome to the Z-Team, Louis Selby!

Welcome to the Z-Team, Louis Selby

Here at JIMMY’Z we’re big fans of all forms of skating. We don’t care if you’re on a pig board from the 80’s and slashing around in a pool, throwing a popsicle down some stairs, hitting a hill at 50+ MPH on a longboard or dancing around on a tiny freestyle board – if you’re stoked, we’re stoked. That’s why we’re proud to announce that the latest addition to the Z-Team is London, England’s Louis Selby!

Louis is mainly a slalom rider and can be usually be found weaving in and out of cones at high speeds and dominating podiums all over Europe, but like all great skaters, he’s down to skate pretty much anything, and always does it with a massive smile.

When you’re done flicking through the gallery below, be sure to check out his profile and give him a follow on Instagram: @Louis_Selby

Parisian Nosewheelie - Photo by Mmedo
Parisian Nosewheelie - Photo by Mmedo
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Product Highlight: Road Trip Tee

Sometimes we get an idea that seems so bizarre that we just have to go ahead and do it, and putting the print inside the t-shirt – leaving a faint, subtle and barely visible impression on the outside – was one that we had to try.

While this isn’t the only top we make that uses this inside-out printing technique (it also appears on the Z-Tribe raglan), the combination of the inside-out printing, the great loaded Woody design, and the bright yellow cotton shirt makes this a firm favourite during the summer months.

Road Trip
Road Trip

Road Trip T-Shirt

Colours: White, Yellow

JIMMY’Z at the UK Freestyle Round-Up

UK Roundup

Are you in London, UK on Saturday? Fancy watching some freestyle skateboarding? Swing by the Redbridge Cycling Centre at Hog Hill, near Hainault on the Central Line, to see the UK Roundup, the first British Freestyle Championships since 2011. Our freestyle rider Tony Gale will be in attendance, taking on some of the UK and Europe’s finest freestylers.

We’ll also have a booth at the event for competitors and spectators alike to grab some of our finest wares at special event prices – up to 50% off in some cases.

And if freestyle’s not your thing, there’ll also be downhill races, longboarding slide competitions and slalom races all weekend long, making it two full days of oldschool action, with lots of events to see.

Summer Swine Stomp

For full details, head to the Late Tricks page for info on the freestyle event, or the site for the Summer Swine Stomp for the longboarding and slalom events.